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On-Demand Video Interpreting is a practical, affordable and simple-to-use videophone technology that allows your employees and staff to communicate with deaf customers or patients via live interpreters located at our around-the-clock call centers.


No Pre-Scheduling
Offers the ultimate in convenience with ADA-compliant interpreting service available on a moment’s notice.

No Computer Needed
Our videophones require only an Ethernet connection and a standard electric outlet.

Meets HIPAA and ADA Regulations
WIN Linked interpreting services are HIPAA approved and ADA compliant, so your organization is always ready to communicate with the deaf and meet government mandates.


Easy to Use
Just press TALK and within two minutes a qualified interpreter at one of our call centers is ready to work
for you.

Fast 24/7 Service
Certified professional interpreters are ready at our call centers any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

Cost Effective
On-Demand Video Interpreting offers pricing options with significant savings over in-person interpreting, and there are no mileage, travel time or other expense charges.


Personal Access Here

WIN Linked’s philosophy is based on an American Sign Language expression — PAH, which loosely translated means “Finally! At last! What a breakthrough!” or “It’s about time!” It carries a positive meaning of success within the deaf community.

With the launch of WIN Linked, we have expanded the concept of PAH to the hearing community, as an acronym for “Personal Access Here.” This new video technology will create improved access for every American and bring the two worlds closer through improved access, communication and understanding.

How It Works

Use the one-touch dialing on our WIN Linked videophone and a live interpreter at one of our call centers appears on the screen.

The interpreter will sign everything the hearing person speaks, and will voice everything the deaf person signs, allowing them to communicate as if the interpreter were in the same room.

Equipment Needed

All you need is an Ethernet connection and a standard electric outlet to use our video phones, so there’s no large up-front investment required. And you can still use your computer on the same broadband connection.

We configure the video phone(s) to fit your system and ship it to you. Just plug it in and it boots up automatically. In less than a minute, WIN Linked is ready to use. Videophones are small and portable, and can be easily moved to any location where you have Internet access and power.

Our Interpreters

Over the years, WeInterpret has assembled a staff of more than 1,000 of the most skilled and reputable professionals in the industry.

Our interpreters are licensed and insured, and have passed background checks. In addition, WIN associates are certified through the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf and are bound by the RID Code of Ethics, which ensures confidentiality.

Choose Your Plan

WIN Linked offers a number of plans to meet a wide variety of needs.

From flat rate subscriptions with unlimited interpreting, a free videophone and special multiple-phone discounts, to per-call or per-minute rates based on usage, we’ll help you choose from our many options to customize a plan to fit your budget.

Ideal Uses

On-Demand Video Interpreting is a flexible, convenient and affordable solution that maintains privacy for your deaf customers and patients.

It’s perfect for pharmacies, medical practices, law offices, government agencies, retail stores and corporations and is ideal for emergencies, spur of the moment conferences and walk-in clients. WIN Linked is particularly effective for businesses with many deaf/hearing interactions or transactions each week.

Save Time & Money

Accommodating the deaf community and meeting ADA regulations is essential, but in-person interpreting can be expensive and time-consuming in planning and execution.

On-Demand Video Interpreting is a practical solution that can save money over typical interpreting costs. Contact us to learn more about plans and low rates that can help organizations of any size be ready to communicate on a moment’s notice.